Car washes have been synonymous with Turtle Wax for more than 30 years.

Turtle Wax
Car Wash Center

Turtle Wax Car Wash, in Bloomingdale, offers a wide range of services to meet your specific car care needs. We provide exterior only and full service car washes as well as professional detailing services. Our professional detail services range from interior shampooing to polishing and waxing of your vehicle's painted surfaces.

Your car is the second largest investment you’ll make. Road salt can cause rust, UV rays can make paint fade, don’t let your car look older than it is. Take care of your car by bringing it to a Turtle Wax Car Wash, where our professional team can do what they do best. From bumper to bumper, top to bottom, we’ve got you covered


We recommend that you wash your vehicle once a week so that any 
contaminants such as bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, acid rain, snow, 
and salt do not permanently stain or damage your paint surface. 
We also recommend that the wheels are cleaned to remove the
accumulated brake dust.

We recommend that the vehicle is waxed at least every 90 days to protect the vehicle’s Clear Coat finish and to maintain the shine.

No, our locations use a soft cloth system to gently clean your vehicle 
surface without the use of harsh chemicals. The cloth is also very dense 
and designed to not allow particles to become trapped within the fibers.

Immediately. Dead bugs leave a form of acid that can stain and harm 
your vehicle’s painted surface

No, we use different towels on the windows than the body. The towels 
that are used on the body can accidentally pick up road grime or tar 
and we do not want to transfer any contaminates to the glass surface. 
This allows us to provide you with cleaner windows.

As many washes as you'd like! Note that the $9.99 plan limits you to one car wash a day.

Memberships are available for personal/non-commercial vehicles. 
Memberships are not available for livery vehicles, limousines, taxis,
dealer or commercially used vehicles. Memberships are also not 
available for vehicles which cannot be washed in the automatic car wash.
If yours is a commercial vehicle, please refer to our business customer plans.

Club Memberships are available for purchase at our Bloomingdale Car Wash Center. Your benefits begin immediately upon purchase. They will need to know the make/model of your vehicle and your license plate number, so please have those things handy when you visit.

Your membership can be transferred to another qualifying vehicle one time 
during your membership term.